This Is Happening: Air Sex


Air sex is exactly what it sounds like: air sex. But if you’re unfamiliar with the trend and its ensuing Air Sex World Championships then it also sounds really, really weird.

The air sex fad had humble beginnings, starting as a simple air guitar parody in Austin Texas after founder Chris Tew saw a video of the concept from a Japanese karaoke bar. But the response was so large, and so encouraging, that they:

“…quickly realized this was not only much, much bigger than Air Guitar, this was bigger than Texas.”

An air sex tour embarked in 2009 and never stopped. Champions have been named in 30 cities across the U.S. and word is that the competitions will be heading to the U.K. soon as well. A scripted movie has already been made about the Air Sex competitions, and an in depth documentary is following close on its tail.

Here’s how it all goes down. A solo performer walks onto stage in front of an audience and judges, and has two minutes to simulate a sex scene. The rules dictate that there must be at least one invisible person that they are getting busy with, set to music, and the climax must be faked. Simulation is they key word here. Props are allowed, and the performers must remain clothed to some extent but those creepy man thongs in animal shapes and stuff are totally fair dress code.

The events are 18 and up, obviously. Anyone in the building can compete so if you go just for laughs and feel inspired by the professionals and their rehearsed shows you’re free to add your name to the line up. Judges at each competition might include comedians, musicians, sex experts, or media figures, and the judging criteria include foreplay, intercourse, and sexual energy.

The show’s founder Tew expressed to the Huffington Post:

“Air sex will be an Olympic sport one day. We’re giving these people a platform to [expletive] to glory. They’re getting a stab at stardom.”

If you want to try your own hand (or hips, or mouth) at air sex, it might be a good time to jump in the circuit in case this really blow up. But if you were thinking of cleverly nicknaming yourself this for the competition, you better think again. That name is already taken by one of the reigning champions.

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