Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Watches Game of Thrones

We know what you’re thinking already: “Just WATCH Game of Thrones while your boyfriend watches Game of Thrones.” And there will probably be a few angry people who think this is a sexist article, but it’s not. We’re not here to imply that as a woman (or a man!)  you can’t enjoy a show like Game of Thrones WITH your boyfriend. A lot of our female friends love it, and that’s cool.

But there are some of us out there who just got lost during the first season, and with all 500 characters and story lines to keep up with, you can’t really blame us. So instead of watching it with our boyfriend, we’ve had to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves while he is very, very focused on the show.

When we first realized that we no longer had one single clue what was going on during the show, we’d simply jump on our computer, head phones on, and watch something we enjoy. Netflix is always an easy solution, and is filled with documentaries on food, human nature, insane behind the scenes looks at what it would be like to be in jail in a foreign country, and a million other things we enjoy.

A few episodes later, when boyfriend started to get annoyed at my loud gasps when someone finally escaped from the Columbian kidnappers that were keeping him in the forest, it was time to find a new outlet. How about reading a book? Sure. A little light reading never hurt anyone, so we grabbed our new favorite suggested self help book and passed the time. It was when we started crying during his episodes where crying wasn’t needed (self help books will do that to you), that we knew it was time for a new time passer.

The last, and most recent thing we’ve tried is some good old fashion “make some snacks, and then do whatever you want” approach. Don’t worry, we’re not implying “go into the kitchen and make him a sandwich” but if you happen to enjoy cooking, then spending time in the kitchen is a fun place for you, and dropping some snacks into his lap, followed by leaving the house without a guilt trip is the perfect combo.

-Sasha Huff

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