The People’s Couch: to Watch or not to Watch?



Over the years, I’ve noticed that when I watch TV I tend to get an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. You know that weird sensation where you feel like you’ve seen or felt something before? With all of the different (yet simultaneously identical) Real Housewives series, the countless newlywed reality shows, or the dozens of TV programs that center around a group of friends that live in the big city and attempt to navigate the harsh world of sex, dating and love, I feel like I am experiencing this sense of entertainment déjà vu on a daily basis. I’ve developed what I like to refer to as a sixth psychic TV sense, where I can turn on any TV program, and no matter what point the program is at I can literally predict what is going to happen in the next scene. It doesn’t even take that much skill. The rules are pretty simple.  You just memorize the basic formula. It’s like watching any old horror flick: don’t open that door and you’ll be fine (they never listen though, do they?)

 So when I found out that Bravo recently came out with The People’s Couch, an unscripted “social” series that provides the viewer with a “hilarious, voyeuristic look at Americans’ TV watching habits,” naturally my interest was piqued. Finally, something different, I thought to myself as I reached for the remote. But after turning on the station and waiting for what seemed like fifteen minutes, that was when it hit me. The show had started. Fifteen minutes ago.

“This is it?” I asked my friend, wondering if maybe I had missed the memo that might help me understand just what was going on here. “But it’s just people sitting and watching TV!”

“Exactly.” My friend gave me a long look before returning his attention back to his text message conversation.

Dumbfounded, I turned my attention back to the screen, which showed a quick snapshot of Miley Cyrus twerking, then the camera focused on two dudes on a couch, passing a bowl of Cheetos back and forth while they laughed uncontrollably. Cut to another shot of Miley, then an entire family yelling at the TV while engaged in a heated discussion with each other over what constitutes “good twerking.”

The show reminded me of those reaction videos on YouTube (you know, the ones that seem to exist in greater numbers than the actual video you’re trying to hunt for? That is THE worst.) To keep this

show interesting, Bravo has also taken the liberty of adding in random cameo appearances by various celebrities that you haven’t seen in the past decade, like the middle sister from Full House.  While I would probably find others things to watch, I couldn’t help but laugh when my friend said, “Why bother watching this when all I have to do is set a mirror against the wall and watch myself watch TV?”

If curiosity has got the best of you, watch the next episode of The People’s Couch on Sunday October 27 at 11:30 ET/PT.

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