'The Notebook' Might Save Your Marriage

keep the romance alive.

keep the romance alive.

If your man tends to scoff at your interest in chicks flicks, you might finally have some real ammunition for your side of the battle. A recent study at UCLA has found that married couples who regularly watch chick flicks together are less likely to get divorced within the first three years of marriage. This could be big news since the current divorce rate is a 50% failure within the first five years.

The kicker here is that the couple not only has to watch the chick flick, but also has to have a conversation about the movie. You know like discuss themes, how they feel about how the relationships played out, what they did and not agree with. That sort of thinly veiled discussion that gives insight into how a significant other might view his or her own relationships and communication habits. So phones down while the movie is on lovebirds.

The associate professor of clinical psychology at the University of Rochester in New York was the one who started testing this movie and couple happiness theory. Ronald Rogge’s intent behind the research is as follows:

“The hope is to improve the odds against divorce. We’re looking for the best way to strengthen marriages while they are still happy. Most people enjoy watching movies, and this is a model where, we, as therapists and researchers, don’t need to formally instruct participants. They can do it on their own.”

Tom Bradbury who is the professor of psychology and co-director of the Relationship Institute at University of California Los Angeles thought this was a great idea and extended the research over a six year study and data collecting period where they followed the relationships of volunteers.

It proved true again. His results were that couples that discussed the movies they watch together had a 50% higher change of surviving a new marriage. Get the popcorn going, this brings a new productive meaning to movie night.

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