The Invictus Games


In what sounds like a sequel to or knockoff of The Hunger Games, the Invictus Games actually do exist, and they’re not some Romanesque gladiator-type of competition where competitors must fight to the death. Created by Prince Harry, the Invictus Games is a sporting event for wounded servicemen and sick service personnel.

Inspired by a visit to the US’ Warrior Games, Harry described his event as “such a good idea by the Americans that it had to be stolen.” The games will receive money from a government fund that holds proceeds of fines levied on banks for manipulating currency rates, and the event will feature athletes from Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States, to name a few.

According to Harry, the power of sports serves as a majorly positive effect on those who have been wounded, injured or stricken by illness. Harry told NBC News, “Why do we need it? Well, to demonstrate the power of sports, to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and to demonstrate life beyond disability, and it really is as simple as that.”

The Invictus Games will be held in venues that were built for the 2012 London Olympics, and the roster of sports will include wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, archery and swimming.

Harry went on, “When I was in Washington in 2012 I met the small contingent of the U.K. team and hearing the stories that came back from the games really ignited something in me that made me want to broaden this to wider audiences.”

The prince of England left his post as an army helicopter pilot back in January, choosing to become an army staff officer in London. His interest in bringing this type of event to the UK has already taken off full-speed and he will be responsible for coordinating projects and events that involve the London arm, in addition to planning the structure and events for the Invictus Games.

If you ask me, the UK royalty are setting an excellent example for the rest of us, and perhaps they’ll eventually inspire some of the younger members of Hollywood royalty. Not saying that everyone should launch a series of warrior-athlete games, but doing something positive that benefits those who are at a disadvantage certainly makes the world go ‘round in a good way.

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