Stuck in A Funk: How to Leave Your Adult Rut Behind


HAS IT BEEN so long since you’ve worn something that needs to be dry-cleaned that you can’t remember the last time you wore a sexy LBD instead of sweatpants after work? Can you name three of the five guests on Watch What Happens Live in any given week? If the answer to either one of these questions is “yes,” then it’s happened. Yeah, I know… you didn’t even realize it was happening, which is exactly how it starts. I’m sorry to inform you, my dear, but you’re in a rut. It sneaks up on you without rhyme or reason at the most odd and inconvenient times. The one thing you can take comfort is in the truth that it happens to everybody.

Remember when you were a teenager and you couldn’t wait to be an adult, because you thought you would be able to do whatever you want whenever you wanted? You dreamed of endless happy hours and dinners and bars every night. Well, that was all well and good but no one ever warns you about the adult-onset funk that sets in, tossing your childhood fantasies aside in favor of getting to know every Shonda Rhimes show intimately. And speaking of intimacy, if you’re single and in a rut, most of the time the only intimacy you’ll have is with your TV. Nothing sounds more exhausting than the thought of getting dressed, putting on make-up and having to go out and meet people.

So how do you get out of your rut?

  • Get the F out of your house! It sounds simple, but forcing yourself to go out and be social is one of the hardest things to do when you’re set in your funk. You don’t even have to go anywhere fancy, just go SOMEWHERE. I’m not going to lie to you. Just because you leave the house doesn’t mean you’re going to have an amazing night every time you do so. You will absolutely have nights where you’ll wish you would have stayed in with your gusband Andy Cohen, but like anything else in life, having a good time and living is a numbers game. The more you do it, the more likely you are to have success. And I absolutely CAN promise that, more often than not, venturing out into the world and surrounding yourself with other people will instantly elevate your energy and mood.
  • Do something new. Your rut isn’t limited to the hours the sun is up. Your couch can call you at any time. Go to an area of town or museum you’ve never been to before. Take a cooking class or a tennis lesson. Try something you’ve never done before and perhaps you’ll find your new hobby and, gasp, meet new people.

Now stop reading this, get off the internet, and go out and LIVE. Do it for Andy. Do it for yourself.

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