Veronica Mars Kickstarter Set to Shatter Another Record

Veronica Mars Kickstarter Set to Shatter Another Record

out of this world.

Voracious fans of the neo-noir teen television drama Veronica Mars were over the moon at news that the guilty pleasure had reached, and  far exceeded, its crowd-funding goal to revisit the abruptly ended series as a film. But like any good adventure, there’s an exciting twist. The project’s new “not-so-secret ambition” is to break the record for the most backers for a Kickstarter drive in the site’s history, which is currently held by Double Fine Adventure, with 87,142 backers.

“Almost since Veronica Mars went off the air,” VM creator and showrunner  (as well as co-creator of Party Down) Rob Thomas wrote on Kickstarter, “there’s been talk of making a movie. In that span, I’ve taken different tactics in dealing with the question of whether it might happen. To be clear, I’ve always wanted to make a Veronica Mars movie. I love writing these characters and working with these actors. Kristen Bell has always wanted to make the movie.” The project boasts 73,598 backers  and has earned $4,835,745 in pledges with four days remaining, as of April 7.

Thomas took to the page again to post a new incentive and encourage backers to help break the record. “So, starting right now, we’re adding an official $1 donor level. Get your friends to climb aboard, and help us make history! Also, starting today, Kickstarter backers are going to begin receiving exclusive for-your-eyes only content. You can get in on that with a simple $1 pledge! (And of course, if you’ve already donated, you’re already on the exclusive update gravy wagon.) Plus, there’ll be a backers-only treat tomorrow. I promise.”

“You guys are the best. Keep it up. Our love is epic,” he closed.  How can you turn down a proposal like that?

Keep up with the project at , and follow @RobThomas and @IMKristenBell  on Twitter.  

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