SocialMatic: Real Life Instagram-Esque

your dream Instagram.

your dream Instagram.

According to Fast Company, the phonetograph culture just got a bit more interesting with the announcement that Socialmatic is back on its way to becoming a reality.

Socialmatic is a 16GB camera with a 4-inch-wide screen. It’s like Instagram in the sense that you can apply retro-looking filters to your photos (which you know, makes everyone a photographer) before uploading them to Facebook, Instagram, or an in-the-works Socialmatic app.

But here’s the clincher–because nostalgia for Polaroid will always exist, the Socialmatic lets you print out images on demand using zero ink technology.  They are also apparently sticky, which means the 20-something’s apartment hallway wall, once a throne to the Polaroid collage, is sure to return. Italian inventor Antonio De Rosa explains that the Socialmatic “will fill the gap between virtuality and reality.”

No pressure, Socialmatic.

Two immediate questions come to mind. One, will the general public be willing to shell out the dough ($350) for this? Survey says yes. Two, will the general public happily add another device to their repertoire of gadgets? The Socialmatic cannot make phone calls or receive email. That means, two gadgets, one pocket.

Contrary to slightly misleading headlines, the Polaroid camera is not actually affiliated with Instagram, which has to make Instagram founders Instamad.

According to the press release, consumers can expect this guy to hit markets early 2014. Can we wait that long, or do we need it instantaneously?– Arianna Schioldager

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