Say It Ain't LiLo

Lindsay Lohan is starting a blog

undoubtedly headed for a crash.

The mundane on-goings of Lindsay Lohan as a decadent perpetual defendant keep clamoring for the spotlight and somehow getting it. And the newest media buzz about the afflicted actress is no exception, wherein she is due to report for rehab this week and already rumored to have a “deal” in the works to launch a chronicle of her cultural musings on the web afterward.

The Huffington Post reported, “Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been asked to blog about her rehab experiences for gossip blog Celebuzz. The 26-year-old would follow in the footsteps of the Kardashian sisters, who have their own destination sites within the Celebuzz network which they use to blog, post photos and promote sundry other things.”

The New York Post‘s gossip mongering Page Six went on to say that Lilo won’t begin the cushy gig until August when her stay-cation at rehab is through. However, the column more seems to point to the site as an outlet for the bi-coastal beauty’s perspectives on art, fashion, music, and movies, rather than the dishy tell-all blog that’s being rumored. Maybe like a loopier version of Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP? Perhaps we can look forward to posts like “Handy household uses for all that leftover vodka now that you’re sober” or “Finding your perfect shade of platinum blonde hair.”

The first week of May marks the staggering sixth time the buxom B-lister will have entered rehab. This time, she’ll be trying to scrub up her toxic tendencies at the court-ordered infamous Betty Ford clinic. The grueling ninety days of rehab in a “locked” facility was part of an agreement after Lindsay plead no contest to charges of reckless driving and lying to the police involving a traffic incident.

No longer a carefree teen or twenty something whose destructive behavior can be classified as merely celebrity excess, could fractured Lindsay actually emerge from rehab restored, a confident (and clean) young woman? If Lilo indeed puts together a pop-culture portal, will you be more inclined to read it if it includes the sordid details of her life and times? Can the actress remain a compelling public figure without the accompanying antics she’s become famous for?  Casandra Armour

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