Portland's Design Scene: More Than Salvaged Wood & Beards

LavendaMemory_JasmineJasmine Vaughan is one busy gal. This interior designer-blogger-design event planner has got big, ambitious dreams of cultivating a more cohesive interior design community in Portland and broadcasting a more sophisticated version of the city to the country.

She’s all for mixing a little bit of East talent with West – she introduced a few New York City-based lighting designers to Domestic, a show she planned during Portland Design Week earlier in October. But her heart is set on pushing a bolder stake in the ground for Portland. “It’s time to shake off the Portlandia aesthetic,” she says.

As the creator of Made & State, a blog all about made-in-America goods, from food diary to photo collages of fall fever, Jasmine Vaughan has set out on a mission to highlight the American artisans who are elevating design to a higher level.

Jasmine tells Lady Clever all about juggling blogging with her day job and the future of the interior design and why Portland’s image should be just about beards.

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