Not So Sweet: Sugar Babies

You might be paying off your student loans for years to come. That entry-level post college paycheck isn’t helping. But some (resourceful?) students are taking a different approach.

The practice of powerful men lavishing desirable women with gifts is not a new concept, but these days the morality around this sort of a relationship seems to be pretty fluid. The comfort that some people have with giving and accepting money is demonstrated with this new craze of online match-ups between sugar daddies and sugar babies. A lot of the active sugar babies are women in their college years turning to the sites to get a paycheck without that whole “job” thing — which can be so time consuming. Instead they opt to set up arrangements with wealthier, older men, and make cash off of dating and dining out.

If you can get past the gross spelling of “daddie” to make it on the website, you will find men willing to dole out the funds to some lucky young gals. No need to be shy about why you’re there. is another website specifically tailored to women looking for financial support as well, and the average monthly allowance awarded from the men that for some reason want to give it them is a cool $3000.

The practice seems a little close to prostitution, and while certainly some people are crossing into the bedroom territory supposedly that’s not implied in the original arrangements. When sex is on the table there is extra money offered for the act itself and the girl is free to decline or accept as she chooses. (So, prostitution.) The sugar daddies are generally older men who just want to enjoy the company of spritely young women and sometimes even mentor them. (Or play daddy.)

Here are some alleged trends in the sugar dating industry: Married men are more consistently generous than single men, girls are more likely to be awarded higher funds when they say they need money for school as opposed to something like plastic surgery, and some marriages between sugar babies and daddies have commenced. Delightful!

Those who support it suggest that a lot of men in traditional relationships end up being sugar daddies anyway, and at least in this way the dialogue is open and honest. What does seem honest is the whole money exchange, but what might not be is the motive behind it. Accepting a gift from someone who loves you is going to feel different than selling your time to someone who wants to own you. As bizarre as this trend is, selling your mind, body, and soul for a sexless lunch date is as legal as legal can be.

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