Need "Purr Therapy?": There's a Cat for That


Clearly, there are dog people and there are cat people, but for those inclined toward the latter, a newly opened Parisian cafe may save you from crazy cat lady (or lad) fate.

Because they’ve taken up the task themselves.

“Cafe de Chats” opened its doors this month in Paris’ Marais district. But with a feline twist. Alongside your daily croissant and cup of Jo, the cafe is “home to a dozen felines who weave in between the tables or curl up on armchairs as diners tuck in.” Sound appealing? For plenty of Parisians living pet-less in cramped apartments, the answer is yes. Over 300 customers had to be turned away and lines queued around the block.

Cafe manager Margaux Gandelon says that the benefits of “purr therapy” are real. “Purring produces vibrations which relieve arthritis and rheumatism, which lower your blood pressure and your heartbeat,” Gandelon said via Reuters.

It may be prove mutually beneficial, as the cats are abandoned and stray cats adopted from shelters.

Perhaps they’ll take to cafe life a la Hemingway. We can see their cat masterpiece now: A Moveable Fancy Feast.

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