Love in New York

brooklynlovestoriesWhen she isn’t writing for Lady Clever, jetting (minus the setting) to modeling jobs, or drowning her sorrows, Jenny Bahn is busy looking for love, just like the rest of us. More specifically, she’s voyeuristically watching others look for love.

That girl on the J train jotting down your nuances and intoning your heartbreak with the turn of her words? That’s Jenny B.

In her first book, “Brooklyn Love Stories,” she takes a good and honest look at the “joyously miserable lives of one dozen twenty somethings living in New York City.”

The curated short stories, written from both male and female perspectives (where everyone takes a turn getting dragged through the proverbial mud that is love), follow a handful of characters through the beginning, middle, and end of various relationships.

“Brooklyn Love Stories” is a mixture of bleak cynicism, endearing naivete, and stupid hope. It will get you in all four chambers.

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, are looking for a book to commiserate with in the tub, or are in need of a gift for mom for Mother’s Day (moms love love stories, obviously), this is a must-get.

“Nothing here was permanent. Dating in New York was a revolving door of getting to know people and losing people and forgetting people and starting it all over again. Telling stories about the scars on your knees, or finding out what type of shampoo someone used just by smelling their hair but never actually taking a shower in their bathroom—no one ever let you get that close.”

But as of yesterday, you can cuddle up close to Jenny and her words.

Available now on Amazon. Brooklyn Love Stories. $13. Cover art by Joanna Zawadzka. — Arianna Schioldager

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