Last Minute Christmas Lifesavers

don't fret.

don’t fret.

Christmas is just days away now, and if you aren’t one of the lucky few who finished all of your shopping back in November, no doubt you’re frantically spending the little time that you get outside of office hours to do any last minute Christmas errands. Here are a few tips that will help lighten your load over the final stretch of holiday madness:

Gift Wrapping: As if buying all of those gifts wasn’t enough, now you have to wrap them too? If you’re not the crafty type (and you don’t want your gifts looking like they were wrapped by a five-year-old), you might want to consider enlisting the services of gift wrapping company. In Los Angeles, there are plenty to choose from, including It’s a Wrap, which is located on Wilshire Boulevard. In addition to wrapping whatever items you bring in, they are also known for putting together amazing gift baskets that can be customized according to what you like. The average cost for gift wrapping starts at around $12 and goes up from there, depending on the size of your package.

Christmas Tree Delivery/Pick-up: These days we lease everything, so why not lease a tree? Not only is it convenient but it’s also ecologically friendly. Plant Manning will deliver living trees to your home or office (delivery is free) and the price includes post-holiday pickup. Unlike cut trees (which are what everyone else buys at the lots), these are living, breathing trees that can be leased year after year (that’s right, you can have the same, exact tree next year.) They then take the trees back and replant them, and will even reserve your tree specifically for you. Prices start at $95.

Professional Decorators: We love looking at those pretty houses that are all blinged out with their Christmas lights and decorations but the idea of having to spend half a day standing on ladders and attempting to decorate our own homes is pretty daunting, which is why most of us don’t. With Christmas Décor, now you can have that gorgeous holiday house too. They’re professional holiday decorators that specialize in both residential and commercial decorating, offering complete designs, full installation and timely take down. You’ll never have to worry about dealing with a decorating disaster like Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation” ever again.


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