It's a Mind Cuckhold, and a Bit of the Real Thing


mind cuck.

Another day, another romantic form of sex games intended to create psychological drama. Move over S&M, mind games are the new deal with “cuckolding,” a sex fetish where men get off by watching their wives get off with other men. Cute!

The fetish is being referred to as an “intellectuals” delight since most of the men who are driven to do it have high IQ’s. (It seems like the implication with that statement is that people who like to physically hurt each other do not have high IQ’s, but maybe you don’t want to make any crazy assumptions here.) One-half, six, half-a-dozen the other, there is some twisted form of control or lack of it being played out, and a lot of people seem to find it pretty enjoyable.

One of cuckoldry’s original definitions is a wife’s infidelity and it has been referred to in classic literature as the ultimate shame. Husbands who want to punish themselves with the lack of inadequacy they feel toward their ladies are seeking out younger, hotter, sexier men to make their woman experience sex like they just don’t feel that they can give. This of course makes them very sad, but since that’s a part of the game the sadness also makes them very happy. During viewing time the husbands are forbidden from joining in, and are relegated to the sidelines to feel as left out and sorry for themselves as their heart desires.

The fetish is psychological sadomasochism through and through, and it’s not for the feint of heart. Where it gets even more twisted is that the husbands often prefer when the relationship between their wife and the cuck (proper term) veers into emotional territory because obviously, that hurts worse. They might sit and watch their wife and cuck cuddle like the lovers that they are and have intellectual conversations for hours.

Some men also get off on the competition aspect of the charade, and still others like to dip into perceived “forbidden” territory by making this a racial deal. There are a plethora of themed cuckolding sites dedicated to finding other races of men to have a go with one’s wife. This isn’t always initially the husband’s idea of course, but to participate he probably has to be pretty interested in the concept to begin with. Cuckolding wives have to down with screwing other dudes and making their husbands feel awful about it. But you know what they say, happy wife happy life.

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