Summertime Gladness: Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

get out of your comfort zone.

get out of your comfort zone.

If spring is the season of change and new beginnings, then summer’s the season of optimism. There’s something about summer being around the corner that brings a sense of hope, especially hope that the season will be chock-filled with fun. The amazing thing about summer is that you can never predict what’ll happen. Maybe you’ll have a summer fling or take an unexpected beach vacay, or maybe you’ll get stung by a jellyfish or get lost on a camping trip – it just seems like the season where anything can happen. While the element of surprise can be exhilarating, why not give Fate a helping hand and plan to make the most out of those hot summer months? Here are some ideas for your summer bucket list:

Become An Amateur Mixologist

It’s tempting to drive straight to happy hour at a bar once those summer Fridays roll around. But wouldn’t it be more fun (and perhaps a little cheaper) to experiment with spirits (alcoholic ones, at least) from the comfort of your own home? The easiest thing to do is to try infusing liquors – vodka and tequila are my personal preference. There’s nothing more I love in the world than jalapeño margaritas, ergo I infuse my tequila with jalapeno. It couldn’t be easier. Cut up a jalapeño (remove the seeds for less heat) and place in a mason jar or a large glass bottle that can be sealed. Pour the alcohol into the bottle and let the infusion take place. When using jalapeño, you really only need a few hours to let the heat set in the liquor. If you’re using strawberries or figs or anything else, let the mixture sit for up to a few days. When you’re done, strain the fruit out of the liquor and tah-dah! Let your imagination run wild. You can use anything from bell peppers to plums to passion fruits.

If you’re feeling like mixing drinks is your calling this summer, try making your own simple syrup. Herbs like rosemary and sage work particularly well for this. Look up any simple syrup recipe (which is usually two parts water to one part sugar), and add any herbs or fruits you’d like. There’s no limit to what you can create with your own alcohol infusion and homemade simple syrup.

Plus you won’t even need to call an Uber since you’re already at home.

Get Outdoors

The last thing anyone wants to do when the weather is beautiful outside is to be inside. Whether you’re a novice or an expert at a sport, a lesson never hurts. Hit the tennis court, the ocean (for paddleboarding and surfing), or the golf course to stay active and enjoy the gorgeous summer sun. You can contact your local rec center (or country club) for information on classes and lessons in your area. Just make sure to slather on the sunscreen – you don’t want to mar that beautiful skin with an unsightly (and painful!) sunburn. Or worse.

Try Something (Anything!) New

Summer feels like a metamorphosis. Maybe that’s a little dramatic but I always feel like a snake shedding its skin (for the good of Jimmy Choos, of course) once the summer season starts. The important thing is that we don’t let the heat take its toll and that we try to do a few new things each summer. If we’re lucky, we finally have some extra free time and it’s a shame to waste it. Regardless whether your new activity will be a new hobby or if it will be a one-time thing it’s important to find out what you don’t like as much as it is what you do. Life is about experiences, people. Remember that. It’s tempting to lay by the pool every free chance you get but I promise the pool will be there when you return from your new activity.

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