Ideas for Your January Bucket List

bucketlistYou made resolutions and now what? It’s January and the hype of the holidays is over. What are you supposed to do with all of the free time on your hands now that you aren’t consumed with shopping, cooking, or baking? January is the perfect month to start your very own bucket list. It signifies new beginnings, which can mean new adventure.

Depending on how much free time you have you can decide to write a bucket list with items for each day or one for each week. The best thing about a bucket list is it’s one of the very few things in life that is all about you! The other great thing, men if you’re reading listen up- size doesn’t matter. Not everything on your bucket list has to be some crazy excursion or daredevil act. It can be as small as finally getting around to reading that book that’s been sitting on top of your nightstand, or finishing that book on your nightstand that you’ve started.

To make your bucket list break it down into categories. Here are some examples of categories on my January bucket list:

Experiences- While hot air ballooning can totally fall under this category you probably won’t get to many of those bigger experiences in one month. Put one big adventure on there and add smaller ones that are less time consuming and easier to do. Maybe take a ballroom dance class. Or finally spend the day getting lost in the art museum that you’ve been wanting to check out every time you drive by it.

Been Meaning To- These are for those things that don’t quite make your daily to-do list but those tasks in the back of your mind that are for pleasure that you’ve never gotten around to. Finally watch Gone With The Wind. Try that new fusion restaurant that recently opened. When you have it on your bucket list you’re more likely to actually do it.

Fitness- Get out of the gym and add a new activity to your routine. Take tennis lessons or a paddle surfing lesson. Hike a new canyon or trail in your city that you’ve never done. Try working out with kettle bells. Sign up for your first marathon. Even if you don’t add it to your fitness regimen it’s fun to try new workouts and you might even find a new hobby.

How To- This is for all of those DIY projects you’ve been pinning on Pinterest. Whether its crafting or finally nail that French braid, step out of your comfort zone during your free time and you’ll feel proud when you can look at your tangible result.

No matter what’s on your list or how many items you’re able to check off, it will be satisfying knowing that you didn’t spend your free time stalking people on Facebook. Get out there and do something- anything!

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