Hundred-Dollar Bill Gets a Million-Dollar Makeover

that's how we ball out.

that’s how we ball out.

Just like Cher decided it was time for Tai to get a makeover in ‘Clueless,’ America made a similar decision in regards to the hundred-dollar bill. Originally intended to debut in 2011, the bill ended up being delayed for over two years due to printing issues, and according to the folks over at, “over a decade of research and development went into its new security features.”

The first noticeable feature is the 3D blue motion strip down the center of the bill. Then there’s the Liberty Bell, which appears in an inkwell. On the flip side of the bill, you will now be looking at the rear side of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, not the front. The time on the new bill (which is depicted on the bell tower clock) will now read 10:30 as opposed to 4:10. There is no historical significance to this number.

Like a mediocre Criss Angel trick, if you tilt the bill at a certain angle, you will see the bell in the inkwell change from copper to green, giving it a disappearing effect. And if you look extra carefully around Benjamin Franklin’s jacket collar, you’ll find small microprint. I wish I could say that it was something juicy like an old love letter, or the long-awaited answer to some ancient “Indiana Jones” mystery, but it simply reads, “United States of America.”

If you tilt the note, you’ll see the numeral 100 in the lower right corner change from copper to green. While it’s not the exact equivalent of a laser show at Calvin Harris, we’ll still take it. If you focus on the blue ribbon and tilt the note back and forth, the bells will change to 100s as they move. If you tilt the note back and forth, the bells and 100s move side to side.  If you tilt the note side to side, they move up and down. #twerk.

And wait for it…the ribbon isn’t printed on the paper. It’s woven into it. Very fashion forward.

Overall, the new features of the hundred-dollar bill seem pretty cool. While it’s not a major facelift, it’s definitely a light rejuvenation, giving our prized currency a refreshed look before it sets out to mingle with the public. Having just been released into circulation, it may take some time before you even notice a difference in your currency. My daily crew consists mostly of good ole’ George, Abe and Drew, so it probably have been a while before I even realized that something had changed. But perhaps this will motivate me to spend a little more time with Benji.

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