Let Go of Fear and Unleash Your Creative Beast


If you’re feeling stuck this weekend in a rut of anxiety about that next big step in your life or suffering from a bout of zero creative juice, relax, we’ve been there too. We like to say that we’ll eventually get to that creative project, that blog, that new business idea. But we put it off and put it off and make excuses to deliberately delay striking out into the unknown. As a writer, I struggle with that nearly every day. Fortunately, after years of this kind of stale thinking, we’ve managed to break the cycle and walked away with a few handy tips.

Identify the Fear

Isolate the fear, then replace those thoughts with good ones. What exactly are you afraid of? Find the reason why you’re stalling on a project. If it’s the fear that you won’t finish on time, you’re overcrowding your brain with worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. Focus on staying productive by doing one small task at a time. Break up the project into tiny steps that can be easily done. Or if it’s the fear of failure, counter the negativity by counting reasons to be grateful. Clearly, you have an opportunity and a chance to dream. There’s so much to be thankful for.

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

Create a respite from your anxiety by finding examples of work you admire. It could be reading a book on business leadership, watching TED talks, browsing blogs for pictures of stunning photography, making mood boards of art, lying on the floor as you listen to a new music album or talking to a good friend in your life. Find what works for you.

Encourage Yourself

We often don’t talk to ourselves the way we would talk to a best friend. For perfectionists, this is especially hard. Take a break from the self-criticism and instead spoil yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy or money-splurging like a shopping spree. It can be very simple. Write encouraging notes to yourself and tape them on the fridge. Exercise; go for a long walk around the neighborhood. Eat well; ditch the fast or frozen food and prepare something fresh and savory, like a date for yourself. In other words, treat yourself.

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