How To Stop Wasting Time

wastingtime I began writing this list about four times before I really got down to business. It’s far too easy to read an article and look up at your computer and realize that you’ve been surfing the web for an hour. Below is a guide of five easy ways everyone can stop wasting time and increase productivity. Because seeing who’s changed their relationship status on Facebook or checking out recipes that you want to make for date night can wait until you’re off the clock.

1)   Make a to-do list- Daily tasks can be daunting when they’re floating around in your head. Making a to-do list is an easy organizational tool that will make your daily goals seem manageable. You won’t be in a constant state of panic worried that you’ve forgotten to do something and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction each time you cross a task off your list.

2)   Make a schedule- Making a schedule may sound like making a to-do list but think of it more like a daily calendar. If you work in an office you schedule conference calls and meetings and that’s the idea here. From 8am-8:30am you can return emails and do that again from 2pm-2:30pm. You can schedule every task during your day in specific increments and you won’t feel bombarded if you complete each task in the time you’ve allotted.

3)   Rewards system- Everyone responds well to a rewards system and your desire to receive the reward you set for yourself can light a fire under your bum instead of continuing to sit on it. When you complete your task or series of tasks, treat yo self! Whether it be ice cream or an hour of TV, if you have a reward to look forward to it will increase your motivation.

4)   Get enough sleep- Sometimes sleep seems like the enemy of productivity when you feel like Jessie Spano hooked on caffeine pills. “There’s never any time!” But if you’re lacking sleep you lose productivity which means it can take two, three, or even four times as long as it would to complete the task as if would if you were well rested. Don’t feel bad about power naps or foregoing all-nighters to get the eight hours of sleep you need.

5)   Work out- Working out may be the antithesis of doing your actual work and may appear to be a distraction. But working out can keep you focused and clear-headed. A half-hour at the gym will keep your mind from wandering for a half-hour during the workday.

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