You're Golden: How to Host the Perfect Awards Show Party

goldenglobesIt’s that time of year again. The trees have come down, and the lights have come off the trees (unless you’re Greek Orthodox), but it’s time for lights, camera, action! Awards season in Hollywood isn’t only fun for all of the celebs that are nominated, they are fun to watch. And they are a fabulous excuse to gather your nearest and dearest to host a viewing party. Sure you can have everyone over, order a pizza and chug some vodka and Red Bull cocktails but why not glam it up? Here are my tips to hosting a trophy-worthy awards show party.

1)   Drinking Game- I think that any opportunity to participate in a drinking game post-college should be seized and an awards show is the perfect excuse. Everyone drinks at the Golden Globes (this Sunday), especially George Clooney, so why shouldn’t you? It’s Hollywood’s drunkest night. Feel free to make up your own rules but here are a few that I’ve thought of:

  • Drink anytime a habitually “best dressed” star accidentally bought a one-way ticket on the Hot Mess Express and makes a major fashion faux pas.
  • Drink anytime the host or presenter refers to Miley Cyrus and/or twerking.
  • Drink anytime a winner mentions God or the word “blessed” in their acceptance speech.
  • Drink anytime a winner refers to their struggle in the industry or how if they can make their dreams come true anyone can.
  • Drink anytime a winner is shocked they won and acts uncomfortably.
  • Drink anytime the camera pans to a couple canoodeling.
  • Drink anytime a host, presenter, or winner says something to indicate they’ve had a little too much to drink.
  • Drink when you have actually seen the winning film (or when an actor wins from a film you’ve seen).
  • Drink anytime Lena Dunham or Girls does NOT win an award they are nominated for. When Lena doesn’t win, we all do.

2)   Food And Drink Menu That Relates To The Nominated Movies- Space ice cream in honor of Gravity, American Hustle fondue to pay homage to the seventies. A Captain Phillips Sea Breeze to drink. Anytime you can make a pun with the name of the film or food you’re golden.

3)   Contest- Who doesn’t like to win stuff? The ballot contest is the most popular. Everyone contribute $5 to the pool and have their ballot done five minutes prior to show time. Trade ballots and the person with the most winners wins the pot. You can also bet on the losers or who will say something that will make national news in the morning. Think of it as your personal Las Vegas.

4)   Guests Who Like To Commentate- An awards show party is not the one to round out your invite list with wallflowers. The more guests who will gladly scream out “Oh no she didn’t,” or “He/she was robbed,” “I can’t believe that he/she won,” the better! Awards shows are notoriously long so the more people you have around to liven it up the better. This is the invitation you want to extend to the snarkiest of your snarky friends.

If you follow these tips, the winner is….. YOU!

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