Hey You Get Off Of My Cloud- And Don't Steal My Thunder Either

cloud9It inevitably happens to all of us, that moment when we feel like we are in a movie (or CW TV show) where it seems like someone has stolen our moment. Our big moment. The moment that was going to be the catalyst for our entire life to change. That thing we’ve been building up in our heads and then…it’s a bust. The moment becomes someone else’s- their invention, their idea, their life-changer.  When someone steals your thunder you hit rock bottom instead of sailing on cloud nine. The worst part is it seems like the person that inadvertently stole your moment doesn’t even seem like they wanted whatever it is as badly as you do.

So how does one recover from having their thunder stolen?  The five stages of grief are always a good place to start:

1) Denial

2) Anger

3) Bargaining

4) Depression

5) Acceptance

And one you’ve gotten to a place of acceptance you’ll get to the place where you realize that if you had one idea that was similar enough and good enough for someone else to get credit for, you will have more great ideas. Despite what Eminem may have you believe, no one only gets one shot at anything. You’re allowed to grieve for a week but then you have to get back to doing whatever it is you love and are passionate about.  That will shine through in any idea. As long as you keep working hard and never give up, the only person that can stop you, is you. Because in reality, no one can really steal your thunder. Life has ups and downs but it’s up to you to create your own destiny. But if someone starts to step on your toes, feel free to kick them off your cloud.

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