Help Her Find Her Wedding Photos: NYC

wedding2We’ve all been there. Slammed a taxi door only to realize moments later we’re standing there phone-less and unable to text the friend we’re meeting for drinks. It’s a bummer, but imagine if instead of your phone (which no doubt, holds a cornucopia of important info) you lost your wedding photos.

That’s exactly what happened to New York newlyweds whose wedding photographer left her bag in a taxi last Friday. The newly married couple posted the following on New York Craigslist:

“Please help me find my wedding photos (New York City, New York )

Praying for the help of good people.

My wedding photographer left her bag containing her computer and hard drive (which held all of my precious wedding photos) in a taxi on Friday, November 8th in Greenpoint. She was able to track down the taxi driver who informed her that 4 men jumped in after her and presumably took the bag. She sent out a “Find My Mac” message with reward information and a received a response from a Missouri truck driver named Greg Duncan. Mr. Duncan said that he purchased the items from someone but would be happy to return them. And then. . . his phone went out of service and we have not been able to reach him since.”

It’s heartbreaking.

For specifics about the equipment lost, read the rest of the post here.  And if anyone knows Greg Duncan, give him a call, a tweet, a Facebook poke. Or send him a messenger pigeon. Anything helps.

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