Handmade vs. Homemade: Create Professional Looking Party Invites

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handmade or homemade?

One thing our mama always told us is that there is a big difference between handmade and homemade. Having been raised by a super DIY diva, we’ve always made sure that if we’re making something from scratch, it looks beautifully handmade and not just like another thrown together piece of junk.

Not to be harsh, but we’ve all seen those Pinterest fails, and it’s important to focus on the details when you’re making something on your own. We don’t want to get too obsessive over it, and your personal style and attitude should shine through, but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that what you’re sending out looks like a million bucks.

1) Research! Research! Research! Did we say research yet? While this isn’t a final exam or anything, it is still super important to do your homework first. Spend time browsing invites that you really adore. Perhaps it’s the simple design of an orchid on thick and shiny card stock, or it’s a beautiful bit of lace hugging the recycled paper that introduces your eco-chic celebration; whatever inspires you will help the process of keeping this DIY project beautiful. As always, we’re Pinterest obsessed, so why not make a board that is dedicated to your invitation inspiration?

2) Stock up on the right materials and tools you need. Don’t skimp on this part. If it’s something as important as your wedding day, spend a little extra cash on the quality of paper you are using. If you are on a strict budget, don’t fret, the internet is filled with wholesale places that will sell to the public. And make sure you have the correct tools. Don’t use children’s scissors on fabric, or a glue stick when you really need a glue gun.

3) Buy extra to count for mistakes! No one starts with a perfect project, so anticipate mistakes that are inevitably going to be made. It’s OK to fail a few times before you succeed, just be prepared and buy extra materials.

4) YouTube, make it your friend. YouTube is an awesome place to find tutorials on how to do crafts. Looking for a perfect water color dripping effect? YouTube it. Need ideas on how to make a fabric flower? YouTube it! We guarantee you will find instructions somewhere.

5) And last but not least, take your time. Make sure you leave yourself a ton of time for last minute supply runs, change of ideas, and anything else that may occur. If you are rushing, you product will look and feel rushed. Leave enough time, and you are sure to make something fantastic!–Sasha Huff

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