Greenroom's Adorable Eco-friendly Organization Accessories

Greenroom's Adorable Eco-friendly Organization Accessories

delightfully designed, from recycled materials.

Gorgeous planning gear and stationery can be both sustainable and affordable with the Greenroom brand at Target.  “In surfing,” the company explains, “the greenroom is that perfect space inside a wave created when the water completely encircles you. For a matter of seconds you’ve found that blissful state where human effort and nature come together in a sublime moment of beauty.” In show business, the greenroom is the well-appointed waiting area to hospitably host celebrities when they’re not doing what they do best onstage. The Greenroom products embody both of those definitions: as incredibly accommodating tools and accessories, encapsulated in vivid, dreamy designs, in tune with the needs of our long-suffering environment.

Based out of sunny Santa Monica and run by a humble husband and wife team, Greenroom is an inspired collection of designers and thinkers “who all share a passion for healthy, outdoor living, and who spend their work and play time chasing those moments of beauty and bliss.”  Founder and nature enthusiast David Imbernino grew up in Southern California loving the ocean, the mountains, surfing and playing water polo. Their story continues, “He introduced his wife and co-founder Hyun Mi Oh who was from the East Coast to beach culture and to surfer words like “greenroom.” She thought it was the perfect name for their line of quality paper goods, one of the first eco brands in the marketplace.” The products are not only “green‚” as in eco-friendly, but Greenroom also represents the deep connection to nature and the fresh and contemporary feel of California style, “Greenroom products are designed to bring moments of beauty to everyday life.”

Their wide range of offerings made from recycled materials include notebooks, journals, address books, filing productsbinders, detailed day planners, darling stationery, monogrammed notebooks,  and other tools and materials.

I picked up durable padfolio in cool blue tones with grass green chrysanthemum bursts and a clipboard affixed to the front, papered with light faux wood grain on the inside, complete with a little catch-all pocket, and a legal pad. With its bright, tiered tabs for a quick flip to each month, a two-page view of a single week, generous 8 x 11 sized pages, and a tight metal spiral binding, the 2013/2014 calendar is everything a devoted dayplanner nerd could want. It coordinates in a cute but not cloying way with the padfolio, like a more grown up version of Lisa Frank supplies, but with retro flowers instead of day-glo unicorns. The calendar also fulfills my on-going orange crush– designed in one of a favorite shades of orange that teeters between crisp tangerine and soft terra cotta. It’s made from 60-70% recycled fibers, and printed with nontoxic soy ink.

Who says school supply shopping is for kids? Drop in on Target’s back to school specials now to check out their selection of Greenroom products, and get yourself organized in sustainable SoCal style for the coming year. Casandra Armour

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