Got Dumped? Rent a Rebound


Got dumped? Don’t have an immediate rebound to show off on Facebook and make your ex super jealous and regret the breakup? Rent-A-Rebound wants to handle that for you, by loaning you a beau. Your rebound will be a solely digital presence so they can’t fix your cold and lonely nights at home, but they might be able to make your ex think you’ve moved on pretty quickly to someone way better. And maybe that sort of thing warms your heart.

For around 300 pounds or about $500 in U.S. dollars, offers a Rent-A-Rebound package that creates an online presence of a new fake boyfriend (or girlfriend). This includes photo-shopped photos of you two lovebirds hanging out together, check-ins together on dates, as well as “flirty” messages and interactions on your social media visible for all the world to see. Who can argue with cold hard evidence?

The price tag might be a little high, but your rebound will be no average Joe. The website insists that the pseudo lovers will be extremely attractive and can take on witty personas with extreme careers like astronauts. The sky is the limit! (Sorry.) Your virtual rebound can be created with specific traits or lifestyle choices that you know will get under your ex’s skin and really piss them off.

The creators Stephen Pavlovich and Richard Kershaw would like to point out however that the Rent-A-Rebound package is for novelty purposes only, so don’t come crying back when no one believes that a supermodel prince fell in love with you yesterday at the gas station when you were leaving the gym. Or heaven forbid, if someone invites you on a double date or calls your bluff. That part is all you.

It might be cheaper just to pay someone you can find on Tinder to take a few adorbs photos with you for Instagram, but then you have to deal with the whole dating living humans thing again, and we know how that ended last time. No word on how your rental sweetie will make an exit from your virtual life when your payment runs out. Best of luck!

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