Our Hero: Godfather of Hipsterdom Says Feminism Makes Women Miserable

Godfather of Hipsterdom Says Feminism Makes Women Miserable

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Just what we’ve been waiting for: another man with an “informed” opinion on what women think and feel. Gavin McInnes, co-founder of provocative multimedia endeavor Vice and dubbed “The Godfather of Hipsterdom,” suggested recently that modern feminism is hard on women, saying, “We’ve trivialized childbirth and being domestic so much that women are forced to pretend to be men.”

“They’re feigning this toughness. They’re miserable,” McInnes said during expletive-laced HuffPost Live panel.

He received negative feedback for his comments from the panel, media and social media, but in an interview with The Daily Caller McInnes assures that he’s proud of his statements, “I don’t regret anything,” he said. “Every time I see my words quoted I go ‘yeah!’

“I think a lot of women smash through the ‘glass ceiling’ and get to where [men] are and they go, ‘wait a minute, I thought you guys had brandy and went to strip clubs, you’re going over expense reports?’ And they see their friends from their small town with 3 kids going to soccer practice and they think, ‘That looks kind of cool, actually.’”

He told The Daily Caller that, in fact, he believes his comments to actually be quite empowering, “I see a lot of women without kids, in their 40s, who are miserable and I see a lot of women after they have children saying, ‘Why was I doing fashion PR? I was doing seating plans for a fashion show telling what people sit in what chair. Now I’m shaping human life,’” he explained.

To further tread into risky issue territory, McInnes says the births of his own children made him believe in God– and adopt a new pro-life stance. “It made me religious. I was an atheist most of my life and now I am a God-fearing Catholic, because of the miracle of life. And I’m pro-life.”

According to McInnes, women who have had children are significantly less likely to have an abortion. “I think once women experience it, they change their minds pretty quick — and that is my personal experience, you know, I cannot speak for everyone.” McInnes said. “I’m sick of women who haven’t experienced [child birth] trivializing it,” he added.

Yes, women who haven’t experienced child birth shouldn’t be trivializing it. Now how about men who can’t experience childbirth also leave the topic alone, eh?

The comments seem interesting coming from a man whose magazine runs pieces like:

It is a goal of mine to make abortion cool amongst teenagers. Like not just “OK,” but actually “cool.”

Do you agree with Gavin McInne’s views about females psychology and the modern woman’s place in the world? Casandra Armour

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