Estate Sales: Why You Should Love Them

Estate Sales: Why You Should Love Them

Your grandma called it a garage sale.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that shopping second hand is not only friendly to the funds, but also quite popular. Even the fanciest ladies love to buy previously worn pieces. But if you’re anything like me, walking into most thrift shops is a bit overwhelming, and while some are experts at finding gems amongst the clutter, I much prefer a limited selection with fabulous pieces.

This is where estate sales come in handy. Your mother and grandmother probably called them yard sales, and in many areas of the country they still do, but if you live anywhere near a city, you’ll likely come across a weekend estate sale that is bound to hold some beautiful pieces you never could have expected.

For the serious shopper, a mapped out weekend afternoon is needed. Back in the day, you’d grab a newspaper, your morning coffee, and a high lighter, but with the wonderful world of the internet, planning is SO much easier. There are a ton of websites out there to help you plan your attack, so you can hit up everything in your area before the late crowd arrives. Grab a glass of wine, a comfy blanket, and get on the web to map out your day. This is so much better than buzzed online shopping.

Now, not everyone is that serious, and I’ve found that some of my best finds came from jumping on my bike and riding around the neighborhood after breakfast to see what was going on. I once found a 1980s Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress with white tulips for $20. It was magical.

In addition to great clothing items, I’ve found gorgeous accessories, pieces for my home, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to make a quick stop when I see things thrown on a neighbor’s front lawn. Happy shopping, and let us know if you find anything fabulous!–Sasha Huff

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