Drop it Like it's Hot: Drone On Amazon

131201_amazon_drone_apNew technology can often seem shocking and a little daunting before it becomes the new norm that we can’t live without. The Internet only became popularized in the mid- 90s and we’re already on the cusp of cross country super speed trains, flying cars, and now flying robot drone delivery services.

While many developers have been thinking about how to more efficiently get people around, Amazon has been thinking about how to get our precious material items to us faster. Their answer is the somewhat shocking Amazon Prime Air, which will conveniently park your ordered package outside your door via self flying machine.

The drone would be able to deliver your online purchases within 30 minutes of your order (just like your pizza!), which in itself would create an immensely different online shopping experience. Who can wait overnight for their delivery when patience is no longer necessary? The drone would be capable of carrying up to 5 lbs, which doesn’t sound like very much but apparently covers 86% of their current purchases.

Here’s what is still a bit unclear about the idea: how soon this could happen pending a clearing from the FAA to allow the flying delivery machines, how the battery life of the drones will be handled, how to keep trouble making people from knocking them out of the air for sport, how they would deal with extreme weather, what areas would be eligible, and even how to make the landing safety. (How will it know which apartment is yours? Who’s at fault if a drone gets demolished en route?)

There’s a lot still up in the air about it (especially considering it wasn’t even legal for them to shoot the spot explaining the technology in the USA) but it is interesting how it’s only logistics standing in the way of a pretty fantastical Jetson-esque reality. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is confident that it will all work out within the next few years and you’ll be peering to the sky greeting your sweet delivery drones in no time. If anything it would give some potential credit to the “stork bringing the baby” story if parents decide to start keeping their kids in the dark about how reproduction works again.

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