Viral Down the Aisle: The Adorable Eminem Toast + Crowdfunding Your Wedding

Viral Down the Aisle: The Adorable Eminem Toast + Crowdfunding Your Wedding

it was a nice day for a tight wedding.

Just call her Slim Maid-y. Daring maid of honor Jennifer Gabrielli decided to pay homage to her homies who just got hitched with a rather unconventional toast. Despite how picture-perfect pretty Jennifer looked in her strapless aqua knee-length gown, hair swept into a classic chignon knot at her neck– her glittering Chuck Taylors should have been the bridal party’s first clue something fun was afoot.

Her speech starts pretty standard, but soon the bride’s slick little sister slides on a black hoodie and the beat drops, and she knocks out a memorable, and commendable, rap about her newelywed sibling to Eminem’s “Without Me.” “Two lovers in love walk down the aisle, down the aisle, down the aisle,” she flows to the familiar top 40 tune, “Guess who’s here, to get wed, Nicole and Blake, so clap your hands.”

The widely-shared viral video of her rap was filmed by EK Media Productions, according to local L.A. news affiliate KTLA, and has been viewed over a million times on YouTube in a few short weeks.

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Meanwhile, an enthusiastic couple who’ve been together for four years want to finally make it legal, and celebrate Prop 8 being overturned, by tying the knot. But since they can’t come up with the cash, instead of going the traditional route, they’re crowd sourcing the cost of their union to strangers on the web. Could crowd funding be a smart new way to cover the horrible cost of holy matrimony, or is tacky to take to the web for donations when the goal is so personal?

The web’s reactions have been mixed, with critics complaining that a trip to city hall isn’t expensive and reminding the duo that there is a difference between getting married and having a wedding and reception, which isn’t the important part of course. Conversly though, the cute couple, Cesar Hernandez-Topete and Miguel Munoz, have only set a modest goal of $2,500. “We’re using technology to make you a part of our special day,”  they explained. It’s also been noted that it’s a Mexican tradition to reach out to family and friends to share the cost of a wedding.

Viral Down the Aisle: The Adorable Eminem Toast + Crowdfunding Your Wedding

pretty pleas.

Their GoFundMe page “Our Big Fat Gay Wedding” explains that finances have been strained while the pair works to become parents and welcome an adopted child into their home.  It’s also worth noting that other GoFundMe campaigns include pretty personal pet projects like sending a girls’ softball team to a local championship and a beauty queen’s fundraiser to help her afford to enter in a pageant.  Casandra Armour


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