Dopplebangers: Get Set up with Your Ex Lookalike


STILL PINING after your ex and spending sleepless nights in his old T-shirt? He might be long gone, but for a mere $5,000, is willing to set you up with someone that looks like him. True romance! This super Single White Female stalker deal comes as a partnership between Match and a matchmaking startup company called Three Day Rule, which, uses facial recognition software to do its business.

To find your bizarro babe simply provide  Three Day Rule with three photos (and three months’ rent) of your ex (or Brad Pitt) and they’ll do what they can to find you someone close enough.

Three Day Rule founder Talia Goldstein says about the idea: “If you like one facial structure, you will probably like someone with a similar facial structure.”

Sort of creepy. Sure, sending a match-making company photos of your ex is quasi stalkerish, but most of us have a type and this is no worse than compulsively crying in your ice cream over their Instagram; hell, this might even be more productive and not lead to saddle and under-eye bags.

Three Day Rule gives you a bit more bang for your buck in that they also interview you in person to find out what you want, and even offer to go on pre-dates with your potential stud as a part of the screening process.  No jerks allowed. (Unless that’s what you want…?)

All dating sites use algorithms to scout your potential match-made-in-, so comparatively there’s not that much of a difference between asking for deep-set eyes and pouty lips than there is stipulating height and career. To a degree, both eliminate chance. This tech-nique could, however, go south really fast. Don’t you know siblings who look alike but only one of them is attractive? Admit it, you do.

Plus, an anniversary where you and your new lover toast to the magic of facial recognition software (your babe searched far and wide for that slim nose of yours!), isn’t exactly what Cupid had in mind when he packed his backpack full of lovers’ arrows.

But who cares? Anyone who’s willing to drop $5k on the possibility must be pretty serious about their desires.

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