DetroitKnitter’s Reusable Swifters Add Green to Cleaning

Reusable Swifters

it’s easy being green.

Trying to incorporate environmentally friendly cleaning products into my routine is slow going.  It’s important to me to do what I can, but also live within my means. I’m reluctant to give up products whose price tag fits the budget. My glass cleaner is off brand, for example, so I’m not entirely certain of its integrity but it costs ninety-nine cents. In fact, it was an economic inequity I was looking to rectify when I looked up reusable Swiffer pads, not a greener solution.

I was grateful to have stumbled on both. Michigan mama Marlene Dysert’s DetroitKnitter Etsy page says that she has a flare for ingenuity, “I’ve always been a DIY kind of gal and having bought an old home has allowed that interest to flourish over the years. My shop incorporates all of my skills. Seriously, everything from knitting and sewing to Excel knowledge and photography go into running my shop.”

“I really love creating things that make something else better. I’ve certainly hit the mark with my Reusable Swifters; washable cotton or fleece accessories that fit convenience mops like the Swiffer Sweeper and WetJet.”

At $6.25 plus shipping from her eBay shop, I ordered one of Marlene’s little washable wonders from DetroitKnitter. An adorable matchbook scrap paper memo pad was enclosed as a gift with my purchase, which came quick and was packaged conscientiously. I had picked out a pretty paisley pattern in green and blue tones, and the damn thing was so precious I almost hated to use it on the floor. But don’t let the darling designs deceive you, they are not the delicate throw-away pads that cost a small fortune in stores.  There is nothing flimsy about the fabric or construction, and there is an unbeatable satisfaction in knowing that I can rip it off hand wash it instead of tossing it. — Casandra Armour

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