Design Accessories for Your Bike

get off the fence.

get off the fence.

Bike accessories have come a long way in good design, and thank goodness. Awkward helmets, reflectors and rain gear, be gone. Whether you’ve got a fixie, beach cruiser or vintage Bianchi (if you do, lucky you), there’s a stylish accessory to outfit your bicycle. In fact, there’s an incredible number of urban bike panniers, bags, baskets and bells that come in all kinds of colors and materials, from leather to reclaimed wood.

Take Walnut Studiolo, for example. When the Portland company’s founder, Geoffrey Franklin, started commuting to work on his father’s old Bianchi, he discovered that he needed more accessories to hold his stuff. But he couldn’t find anything he liked on the market. So he began making his own leather and wood products and grew to love handcrafting architectural accessories, such as leather straps and cinches that can carry a six-pack of beer or bottle of wine. Pretty handy. Seattle-based Etsy boutique REdesignShop also works with wood, but produces bike fenders from walnut, eucalyptus, mahogany, zebrawood or cherry wood reclaimed from the dump or a burn pile.

Or, why not harness all the energy you’re exerting on a bike ride? The Siva Cycle Atom, a lightweight generator designed in San Francisco, received more than $126,000 in Kickstarter pledges. The device attaches to the rear wheel, so your phone can charge while you’re pumping up and down city streets. Even more convenient, the Atom locks into the back wheel to protect it from theft. Pedal away!

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