Our Favorite Flowery Spring Prints For Less

iStock_springSpring has sprung in Southern California and we are absolutely loving all of the bright colors we see around us. The trees near our apartment are covered in fresh blossoms, and it seems that every girl in sight is covered in bright flower print outfits.

We’ve always loved a flowery print and have been busy taking mental notes of outfits, so we can spend our next check the moment it arrives.

Until then, we’re left to window shop while sending hints (or just straight up links) to friends and family with gift suggestions for our upcoming birthday.

The first item for our imaginary walk in closet is this dress from Urban Outfitters. It has a 90’s Cher from Clueless vibe that we want to pair with our Doc Marten’s. Dare we wrap a cardigan around our waist? Don’t tempt us.

We also think this Kimchi Blue Violet dress, also from Urban, is pretty without screaming pastel colored flower palette.

If you’re going to go for a floral romper, this one from Forever 21 is lovely. We also adore their chiffon floral blouse, which we would really like to own immediately. (Hey boyfriend, this would look pretty on us! wink wink.)

Finally, we are desperately in search of the perfect brightly printed pant, and think we may have just found them in this subtle, but bold option from H&M. We’re obsessed with the ankle length pant, which is a whole different conversation for another time.

Our dream closet is filled with floral now, but we are still open to suggestions. What are your favorite prints for the spring season?

-Sasha Huff

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