Day Tripper: I Trust My Paper Calendar More Than Digital Apps

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kendall jenner, do you know what this is?

It’s not that I have an aversion to technology per se.  I’ve embraced the new millennium’s affinity for  mobile devices and loved many an iPod, as well as my iPhone, and an Android before it.

I rely those devices the way we all do. In the event that I’m tragically separated from my phone during a crisis, I have no clue how to reach my mom’s family without looking them up in my contacts. But that will never happen because I’m invincible cautious. For some reason I can ignore the impending doom of losing my address book, (I swear with each word I type, some primitive part of my brain is panicking that I’m inviting my phone to be struck by lightening), and I don’t worry about backing up my info (I don’t actually have any of it backed up).

However, trusting the day-to-day minutia of my calendar to the sole responsibility of my iPhone is not happening. Sure, I know I can back up a calendar app to my laptop and secure it, or sync it with a data storage network. But cloud-shmoud, I can’t risk lose my deadlines, notes, and appointments to the unknown. And that unknown is terrifying. It’s a cloud; consider dissipation inevitable.

I could get locked out of an account because I forgot the password and changed my email addresses, which is how I lost an entire database of digital photos in the early 00’s (goodbye teen memories). Information could get lost or scrambled. A server could go down. I could get hacked. Perhaps I don’t know what some of that terminology really even means, but I’m not taking any chances.

With my trusty pencil, I’m content to diligently copy each idea and assignment into a place where only fire can destroy it.  Did I not mention the pencil? I can’t even trust writing this stuff in ink, people. What are your trust issues with technology? Share in the comments below! — Casandra Armour

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