Cool Spaces: Turn Your Office into a Creative Studio

Office recyclingWhether you work from home or in an office, don’t settle for a workspace that doesn’t inspire creativity, especially during the slump of humdrum afternoons. Perk up your desk and create an area that best suits your method of thinking.

Are you a minimalist? Pare down your space into a sleek, chic station. Are you cramped and far away from a window with natural sunlight? Purchase a few terrariums or a small potted plant to remind you that outside does exist. Whatever the case, here are some easy tips to elevate a cluttered office into one resembling a creative studio.

Home office

The problem with most home offices: distractions. The temptation to finish chores or sit in bed with your laptop all day can be hard to resist. Brush those temptations away with an inviting home office – then you won’t want to stray away.

Change your desk: Position your desk near sunlight to open up the airiness of your space. Invest in a sleek, all-white desk design, like Camila Styles’ chic Austin office. She paired her white desks with modern chairs, a sculptural side table and a vivid zebra rug to anchor the spot. Match your white table with a side table on wheels for your printer; you can also add a lamp with a white shade for another accent. Or consider a contemporary stainless steel worktable with a brushed finish. The modern take on industrial design is trendy these days. A glass table also gives an old corner of a living room or guest room the appearance of high-end luxury. And surprisingly enough, you can find one these days for an affordable price.

Office space

You don’t always get to choose where you sit in an office. Fortunately, unless your company has strict rules, you can spruce up your desk with some personal touches.

Organize in modules: Fit knickknacks, loose paper and other clutter into simple, rectangular containers. Poppin, a startup that’s raised more than $11 million in funding, offers ordinary office products in juicy colors. For example, their starter office kits come in lime green and glossy white. The friendly-looking shapes and rounded corners of the furniture look as if Kate Spade married an Apple computer.

Buy some plants: Terrariums are oh-so-chic when you put the little plants in unexpected glass objects, such as a fish bowl or old canning jars. Give your office a break from stale gray and introduce greenery into your space. They’ll help calm you down during stressful work hours.

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