Clever Girl of the Moment: Angeli Tarsadia of SIXTWENTY


  Meet: Angeli Tarsadia. Founder SIXTWENTY

  I’m from: Newport Coast, California

  Favorite designers: Lubov Azria, Helmut Lang, and Isabel Marant

  Style mantra: Simplicity with a pop of glam

  Always: Celebrate the little things

  Sometimes: Eat a whole bag of gummy bears

  Never: Miss a good sale

  Steal from your mother: Her jewelry collection

  Steal from your grandmother: Her recipes

  Don’t listen to: Haters

  Everyday I’m: In Jeans and a t-shirt

  Obsessed with: My husband




Every girl wants that perfect, effortless t-shirt. The one that simultaneously looks like she’s worn it for years (what, this old thing), but like it could have also walked straight off The Row’s most recent runway (aka this very pricey thing). A basic form-fitting tee can be dressed down, tucked into a pencil skirt, elevated with a heel, paired with a blazer for a night out. You name it. There’s no where tee can’t go; it is the universal language of fashion.

But like many a clever girl on the go, we like our perfect tees without a triple digit price tag. The same was true for Cali-born, now Houston based Angeli Tarsadia, founder and CEO of SIXTWENTY, who grew tired of marked-up basics. A t-shirt after all, should never be worn with a shopper’s remorse grimace.

So what did Angeli do?

As a self-professed jeans and t-shirt girl (aren’t we all, really?) she cut out the middle man, leveling the playing field with her luxury-made in America basics delivered straight to the consumer. The brand offers Classix styles, like the amazing Essential Tank for $20, as well as monthly Exclusives crafted according to trend reports and customer want.  


Beyond this, Angeli knew that the tee-key was in the cut and the fabric, and that to live up to other lux brands on the market, her vision had to be perfect. After returning time and again to the drawing board, perfect it became.

There’s nothing so simple that can make a woman feel quite as empowered and dare we say sexy, as a t-shirt. Boots might be made for waking, but a perfect tee will make you strut. And anyone who can make us feel that good in a socially responsible, luxurious and flattering t-shirt, is more than clever in our little fashion black book.

So check out the below, where we catch up with Angeli, and source a little wisdom and business savvy from her in the process.

Where did the inspiration for SIX TWENTY come from? 

The inspiration to start SIX TWENTY came out of my frustration of going through racks and racks at the department store and paying $100 for a designer top. Although I loved the final product, I knew there had to be another way. So I set out to cut through the clutter and founded SIX TWENTY.

I have a passion for both business and design so I created items that are made for the busy woman who wants high quality wardrobe staples without the high price tag.

How did you decide on the Classix styles?

To be honest, we based the collection on things we would wear on a daily basis, but were hard to find.

How do you choose the Exclusives?

These items are seasonal so we are constantly going through trend reports and are inspired by the runway.

You talk about “building your closet the smart way.” What does this mean to you?

It’s the conscious decision to buy quality pieces that will last you years vs. one or two “wears,” and ones that have the ability to be versatile enough that you can wear them with multiple different outfits. A SIX TWENTY piece is created with the consumer in mind from start to finish. We created garments that can be layered, worn through seasons, and remain high-quality. We want our customers to view our garments as timeless additions to their wardrobe.

What do you offer that’s different from other t-shirt lines?

Quality, Design, and Fit without the high price tag. And our signature back seam which you can find on all of our Classix Tees.

How does your background in marketing influence SIX TWENTY?

My experience in building brands from the ground up gave me the confidence to start something of my own. And the skills acquired while building these brands influences everything I do at SIX TWENTY, from writing an email to overseeing the creation of the website.

What do you feel Houston has to offer style wise that LA doesn’t have?

Houston has this happy medium between both coasts. I think that as time goes along and trends make their way from the West Coast to Texas, the trends of LA and Houston are starting to overlap. Have you noticed the amount of fashionable bloggers that are based in Texas? These girls have style and I love the fact that our pieces can permeate both geographical locations and style aesthetics.

How do you see SIX TWENTY growing?

Our immediate goal is to be the ultimate destination for women’s clothing without the middleman markup. We are always eager to add new product and we have some exciting things in progress for fall/winter. In addition, we plan to add style content on the site/blog to show people how versatile our pieces really are. Longer term we want to collaborate with bloggers, designers, and celebrities to create limited edition pieces.

Your most clever piece of advice: 

Never chase money or fame, work from the heart and let them chase you.

Seams just about right! (Because we prefer our tees perfect, and our puns obvious.)

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