The Latest Trend In DIY: All Things Burlap

burlapWe’re constantly on Pinterest, pinning and finding inspiration for new projects to work on at home. We love anything that takes one object and with a little imagination turns it into something totally new. We likewise love simple projects that add a twist of fun to our little abode in Los Angeles.

Roaming the pages of Pinterest keeps us up to date on crazes popular amongst the crafting community. We realize that a lot of them aren’t anything new, and have been around forever, but it’s exciting to see the way crafts evolve over time, and how people come up with new and creative spins on old favorites.

One trend that we’ve noticed lately is burlap. It seems that in every DIY project we’ve come across, whether wedding centerpieces, party favors, or things for the home, burlap keeps popping up in our feed.

We wanted to show you a list of some projects we totally love, and are going to try at some point, that include the use of burlap.

Hope you have as much fun exploring them as we have!

Burlap No Sew Utensil Holders

Burlap Business Cards

Burlap Candle Jar

Painted Burlap Wall Art

We haven’t made all of these projects, but find ourselves very inspired to use this trendy material in some artwork ourselves.

Our city has started outlawing plastic bags at grocery stores, so we need something new and fresh to take around. Perhaps a little burlap trim on a canvas grocery bag will do the trick.

What will you be making? Get out there and get creative!

-Sasha Huff

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