Stop Hoarding: Salvage Broken Jewelry

fixer uppers.

fixer uppers.



We all have that box under the bed or the sink that’s home to ghosts of necklaces past. For whatever reason, we don’t get around to fixing them or tossing them. Some hold sentimental value. Some we’re just hoarding, promising that we’ll figure out how to fix the broken lobster claw one day soon.

Well hoard no longer. If you’ve got a simple fix on your hands, such as a broken clasp, head to the jewelry store, pick up a few essentials and soon enough the piece you love will make its way from under the sink back to your neck.




You’ll Need:

Lobster Claw (the piece that opens and closes)
Jump Ring
Wire Cutters
Tube Crimps (possibly)

How To:

1. With your brand new wire cutters, cut the broken links/clasp.

2. If your jump ring has also fallen off (that’s this piece here) with the pliers, attach a new one to the last link on the necklace.

3. With the pliers attach the lobster clasp on the other side.

4. Use the pliers to seal the clasp and the jump ring. Check out this incredibly simple video if you’ve got questions. Make sure you close the circle tightly. You don’t want your brand new fix falling off your neck.

5. If you want to create a seal using tube crimps (like we did here), just follow the instructions for sealing a tube crimp.

Now all you need is somewhere new to store all your pretty fixed pieces, because balled up in a box ain’t cutting it anymore. –Arianna Schioldager

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