Never Lose Your Wine Glass

If you plan to throw a fair number of summer shindigs, but hate watching your guests lose wine glasses (and therefore reach for another), chalkboard paint is a simple solution. Many have probably seen the standard black chalkboard paint DIY wine glass. Looks like this.

But summer means color, and with colors like Grand Chateau and Second Prairie from paint retailer Hudson, there’s no reason everything needs to stay so black and white. It’s easy enough to match your glasses to a color scheme or centerpiece.

Plus, we like using stemless flutes, or the ungoblet, (after all at a rowdy party, the flute is usually the first part of the glass that ends up broken), and painting a center strip (instead of using the base).


Hudson Chalkboard Paint in preferred color
Newspaper (for cleanliness)
Stemless Wine Glasses (check out retailers like IKEA for inexpensive options)
Painters Tape
Foam Paint Brush (ideal for crafts) or small roller


1. Wash and dry your glasses thoroughly. If there is any oil or residue on the glasses, use rubbing alcohol to wipe it off. Decide where you want the chalkboard strip and tape off each side. Tape off all glasses before you start painting (like the below, but tape the entire circumference of the glass). img_2903

2. Shake up the chalkboard paint to make sure it is well mixed.

3. It’s easiest to paint the center strip when the glass is turned upside down.

3. Dip the foam brush (making sure to wipe the sides on the side of the can–you don’t want too much) and paint your first layer. If you are using a roller, make sure you roll it out once or twice before applying.

4. The paint will dry in about 40 minutes-1 hour, but you’ll want to wait about 2 hours before you do the second coat. According to Hudson, let the paint dry about 2 to 3 hours before re-coating. Allow longer time if humid or damp. Two to three coats delivers the best results. The red colors often need three coats starting from a clean white background. Let the final coat dry for a full 48 hours before using as a chalkboard.

5. Do not wash in the dishwasher. It will take the paint off.

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