Make It Chic: Easter Decorations Sans Pastel Polka Dots

flowers, eggs and moss

We’ve already confessed our love for the holidays. We can’t help it. Any excuse to decorate, celebrate, and get a little (or a lot) festive with home decorations and we are pretty much in Heaven. However, we also love finding chic ways to decorate that don’t scream ‘store bought decorations’ to our guests.

These projects will NOT include polka dots or bunny rabbits.

There are so many ways to think outside the box when it comes to holiday decor. For Halloween, instead of decorating with spider webs and a typical jack-o-lantern, we used metallics, decoupage, and some bling to create styling pumpkins for our bookshelves.

Since Easter is right around the corner, we wanted to give you inspiration we’ve found around the WWW to kick start your own holiday projects.

Warning: these projects will NOT include polka dots or bunny rabbits.  So if you’re looking for that, move along.

First up: the dyed egg. Instead of opting for a normal dip-dyed egg, why not try this marbling effect? We love how they cracked the egg shell a bit to create the look. We’re also obsessed with these leaf print eggs. OBSESSED.

Next: A chic basket. Why not take it a step beyond wicker and go for something gorgeous, like this rose covered beauty. It’s elegant, but still playful enough for children to enjoy. They would also make really lovely props for your family photos.

Why not skip decorating the outside of the egg all together? Hollow out a large brown egg, fill it with a bit of soil and add horned violets. Place it on some moss and use it as a table decoration. Save the yolks and make an Easter brunch frittata. Or, make deviled eggs and use food coloring to dye the yolk.

For home decorations, grab some wooden eggs at your local craft supply shop and cover them in gold glitter. Seal them with modge podge to avoid a room covered in sparkle, and display them in a small tin bucket filled with pretty silk flowers. Use these as centerpieces on the dining room table, or as little decorations on the mantle.

What ways do you go outside the box when decorating for the holidays?

-Sasha Huff

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