Lego Chandeliers

Transform everyday Lego pieces into an elegant chandelier, using this transparent showpiece as a model. Design Boom recently profiled a centerpiece made from more than 8,000 Lego blocks. The designer, Tobias Tostesen, constructed the floor-to-ceiling fixture with curved blocks in order to reflect different angles of sunlight. He presented his architectural project at Milan Design Week 2013.

It’s a stunning exhibit, no doubt. From far away, the chandelier looks like expensive glass, not children’s playthings. Amazing how ordinary objects can be converted into works of art.

An edgier version of the Lego chandelier was spotted in Portland: a black monochrome number, strung with long, thin Edison bulbs that peeked out at the bottom of the fixture. The creator first made a prototype with spare Lego parts, before he ordered all the pieces online in the desired color. Once they arrived, he arranged the Legos in the shape of the prototype. The final version made for a show-stopping centerpiece, though it was said to later have accidentally fallen to the floor and shattered in all its little pieces.


Mimic the design of Tostesen’s transparent chandelier with some patience and a truckload of Legos. Once you’re done, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind interior design showpiece, a surefire conversation-starter in your living room. This chandelier will simply reflect natural light, so it won’t have light bulbs.

You’ll need:

Transparent Legos
Cement glue or acetone, found at a local hardware store
Gloves, to protect your hands during the gluing
Two each swag hooks
Two round eye nuts
Colorful cord or transparent fishing line


Before you glue anything, stack the Legos in the desired shape for a trial run. An easy shape might be a hollow cube or cylinder shape, similar to Tostesen’s piece. Adjust the pieces as needed. Once you have your desired shape, snap some photos so you’ll have a visual manual to build the chandelier back together.
Slowly dismantle the chandelier. Slip on a pair of thin gloves to protect your hands from the glue, which can be quite adhesive. One by one, dab cement glue or pure acetate onto each Lego piece. Don’t add too much, or it will ooze out from the sides when you stack the pieces together.
Gently squeeze the glued Legos together to ensure they stick. Continue until you’ve finished a mini-chandelier. Glue two round eye nuts on either side of the chandelier. Connect the chandelier to the ceiling by looping a colorful cord or fishing line through the two round eye nuts to swag hooks on the ceiling.

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