Ladies Night In: Breakfast at Tiffany's Hot Mess Holly Golightly



Holly Golightly: … If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then…then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name. 

Oh, Cat. Poor slob, poor slob without a name. And poor Holly. I can’t say it will necessarily cheer you up, but there is something infectious and totally relatable about Audrey Hepburn‘s turn as hopeful Holly Golightly. She encompasses a gorgeous naivete and vulnerability, subtly overshadowed by the pressures of  putting distance between a limitless future and her hardscrabble past. We envy her strength in wanting to do more and be more, but lament her loneliness as she struggles.

For good conversation, generous libations, and the most iconic retro fashion, few films are better for an indulgent evening with a lady friend or two than a Breakfast at Tiffany‘s.  To create a cheerful ambiance where Truman Capote’s story feels “too gruesome”, create a Manhattan-themed playlist, or don some easy Audrey-inspired fashion.

And what can be easier than hungover Holly? Pearls and tiaras definitely have their appeal, but let your companions have fun getting glamorous. Answering the door wearing only a random tuxedo shirt, her super chic sleep mask, and darling little dangling ear plugs, Holly is the portrait of post-coital polish. Channel her elegance by shopping on eBay or a favorite online wholesaler for those basics: a sleep mask and a men’s white tuxedo shirt. How crafty one can get depends on the wearer. I got my mask on eBay for two bucks with free shipping. It was a little too anime and not enough Audrey, so I added some braided gold edging and false lashes dipped in gold glitter. A natural brunette, I styled my hair in a sleek half-up ‘do and secured it with the mask, like a headband almost. Dangling teardrop earrings (I wanted to be able to hear the movie, so earplugs needed to be improvised) and a pair of nude pantyhose provided the important details, topped off with a teeny pair of shorts (I have to be lady even if Holly sometimes wasn’t) and a large tuxedo shirt.

For some of us, chick flicks just do not cut it– what’s your go-to femme film with friends?  If Breakfast at Tiffany’s is on the menu for you and some pals, what’s your favorite way to capture that iconic style? Casandra Armour

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