Split Color Flower Centerpieces


early morning starts at the flower mart.

early morning starts at the flower mart.

Non-shocking truth: I was a bit of a school nerd as a kid. I liked going. I liked reading. And I liked when we got crafty in the afternoon. The Split Color Flower Experiment is perhaps something you remember from your youth of yonder, but there’s no reason you can’t relive your grammar school days with this incredibly simple, but beautiful experiment. Only this time, we’re not making it for science class, but as a dinner party centerpiece. Yep, because we’re grown-ups now.

Flowers are customary touches to a set table, but why not take it a step further?

What You’ll Need

Short drinking glasses/vases
Food coloring
White flowers such as tulips, daisies, or dahlias
X-Acto knife and gardening clippers
Any additional greens

How To

1. After you’ve chosen your flowers, lay them out and decide what flowers you want to color.
2. Fill half the glasses/vases with water, the other half with a few drops of food coloring. 3-4 should do the trick.
3. With the X-Acto knife (you can also use a pair of scissors if you’re in a pinch) split the stem of the chosen flowers into two parts, and place one end in each glass.
3. Leave your arrangement to sit.
4. Within an hour, the veins of the stem will become colored by the food dye. The longer you leave the flowers in the dyed water, the more color the flower will absorb. I like to leave them overnight to ensure vibrant contrast.
5. Arrange your masterpieces down the center of your table.


and just like that, you’ve Mattise-d your own centerpieces.


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