DIY Magic: Reuse Your Empty Wine Bottles


di-wino for life.

Here’s a little information that we probably shouldn’t put on the internet: we love saving empty jars. Be it a recently finished salsa container, an empty milk jar, or the jar of olives we recently polished off, we keep them, we clean them, and much later we figure out what to do with them.

We can’t help it, and instead of fighting the urge, we’ve recently started figuring out ways to re-use them around the apartment.

Which means, let’s get our crafty on with some DIY magic. Our favorite part of the day and probably our favorite topic to write about.

Why not include something we have a few too many of lying around the apartment: empty wine bottles. Hey, we enjoy a nice glass of vino from time to time, give us a break.

Using wine bottles as storage is one obvious way to recycle (Aimee Song uses them as bracelet holders), but you can also figure out ways to incorporate them into home decor.

So that’s just what we did. Some of these we literally have on our book shelves, have been used as center pieces for dinner parties, and others are here to inspire some new crafts in the future.

Tissue Paper Covered – We love this idea because you can make it to match whatever your color/print scheme is. Add add a single flower in each to make it look fancy.

Metal and Twine – We love the chrome look of these and the added twine rope accent makes them look so chic it’s not even funny.

Halloween – There are a TON of cute Halloween ideas (it’s never too early!) on this site. We’re obsessed with the candy corn style. Adorable.

Glass Gem – We love the beachy vibe this craft brings to the table.

Alright, we are off to craft our way to happiness!

-Sasha Huff

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