DIY Chain Link Jewelry


link up.

Channel the little rebel in you with some chain-link jewelry. Look like a warrior with a chain vest, drape tiers of chain necklaces down your body, or show off an asymmetrical version of chunky chains and loose pieces.

Making your own knotted, loopy chain jewelry is quite easy. All you really need are a pair of needle nose pliers, some long chains, in varying colors and widths, and some decorative charms, such as crosses or spiky tooth-shaped beads. Oh, and a bit of time, because bending small chain links is quite laborious. But, we promise you that having your own rocker chain necklace toughens up outfits.

You’ll need:

Thin chains (from the local craft store)
Jewelry closures, jump rings
Needle nose pliers
Charms (crosses and such)


First, think about how you’d like the chains to fall over your collarbones and chest. Do you want a streamlined, minimalistic look? A chain necklace with just a few thin drapes stays simple and can be paired over sweaters or dresses. Or, are you going for a statement piece with gnarly knots and loops? The hard, punk look contrasts well with soft materials.

Once you have your concept in mind, use the needle nose pliers to twist open the end of a chain. Remove links, if needed, to adjust the length of the necklace. Attach it to other chains in assorted patterns and thicknesses. Hodgepodge of Styles and Crème de la Craft offer their own step-by-step tutorials on the chain jewelry trend. Once you’ve finished assembling the basic shape of the necklace, attach jump rings and closures to clasp the ends of the chain. And voila, layer your chain link piece over a simple shirt or little black dress. — Dominique Fong

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