Clever Crafts to Capture Your Vacation Memories

Clever Crafts to Capture Your Vacation Memories

don’t stick those souvenirs in some drawer and forget about them.

S.O.S., save  our souvenirs!  Living so much of our lives online, sharing special moments from travel and events via collecting actual mementos has really gone by the wayside– because you can’t count clicking the upload button, of course. Leave it to the adorable taste makers at HelloGiggles to issue a crafty call to action to preserve those memories and incorporate them into our daily lives and homes.

Whether you’ve got cool-weather plans to check out paradise on the cheap, a few darling day trips in the works with a wonderful partner or friend, or had a stellar summer vacation that you don’t want to forget now that the leaves are changing, these sweet suggestions will help make those souvenirs more than some dusty tucked-away memory.

Before you embark, putting together uniquely “you” luggage tags or preparing a one-of-a-kind travel journal to jot your adventures are lovely ways to get excited for your excursion. ” This travel journal is completely customizable, because you put it together yourself. Want lots of lined paper to record every thought/feeling/impression? No problem. Prefer unlined paper to post pics and ticket stubs? Go crazy.  Stamps, washi tape, glitter…it’s all up to you to create the perfect journal to record your trip. And because you’ll love the journal so much, it’ll make it easier to want to keep up with writing/posting in it during (or after) your trip.”

Sending yourself postcards throughout your trek is one of those whimsical little reflections that can really help organize and chronicle your daily destinations and activities if you’re on a long junket. Framing and displaying postcards in a fresh way is always in option, but Hello Giggles also suggests using a hole punch and a metal ring to create a flip-book of your notes from far away.

Or spell out what a great time you had, literally. “Print out some of your favorite photos (or use postcards, ticket stubs, etc), get some large papier-mâché or wooden letters at a craft or hobby store (you could spell out your destination, like “beach” or “Paris”), and glue the photos onto the letters for a cool collage.”

If you have the pleasure of traveling abroad, turning foreign currency into coin magnets is a great alternative to all of those neighborhood pizza place fridge magnets making a mess of the front of your Maytag. Similarly, I’ve also used turned casino chips from special trips into magnets, and foodies with a fun sense of style might want to do the same with saved beer bottle caps to show off  (and remember!) craft brews they’ve sampled in other cities. Don’t want to doom your souvenirs in a sloppy shared kitchen? If jewelry making is on your crafting resume, this chunky charm bracelet is  a sweet way to carry special trips with you no matter where you roam.

How do you like to reflect on and share special trips? What crafts have you found best capture the essence of your adventures without eclipsing them?  — Casandra Armour

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