Casual & Professional:Stay Stylish in the Workplace

young female office worker

Going to the office everyday can sometimes leave us in a clothing rut. Perhaps you rely on those dressy but casual skinny jeans a bit too often, and it’s time to freshen up the workplace wardrobe! Or if you are a freelancer who takes a lot of meetings, you need a bit of inspiration for some outfits that say “hire me.”

There are a ton of great ways to keep things business casual without going back to the same blazer everyday (although we WILL be adding some of those to our list), so we wanted to send out that inspirational vibe to get you excited to go shopping for work.

First up, make sure you have the basics. Some solid colored pants, skirts, cardigans, and button downs are a great start. Your department stores will have awesome selections, but don’t be afraid to hit up stores like Target, Old Navy, and the Gap for these items. No one will know if your black cami is from Target or Michael Kors, we promise.

Next, add in some fun patterns. We love this split neck print from Pleione, or this large polka dot print blouse from Two by Vince Camuto. This pattern, which almost looks like water colored paint is a good option as well. With solid basics to build on, you can have fun with your prints while still maintaining professional decorum.

And yes, a great blazer is necessary. But why not make it a bit more fun then a regular black piece, like these Gap blazers. They range from a solid grey with a little pink outline to bright colors like yellow and green. Have fun with it!

Another great way to dress up your day to day is with a maxi skirt. We have a black one that we can pair with any blouse that is a great staple in our closet, but adding in some bright colors or fun patterns wouldn’t hurt. This one from Splendid is one of our favorite colors, or opt for a little plaid by Free People.

Take into consideration your work environment and go from there. If you have to wear a pant suit everyday, at least add some color with your accessories, or blouse, OK? –Sasha Huff

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