Candle Obsessed: Our Favorite Candles on the Market Right Now

orange you glad

orange you glad

My name is Sasha, and I have a candle addiction. It’s kind of a major problem in my life and I am happy to finally admit it. There is something irresistible about a pretty colored, yummy smelling jar of wax that lights on fire. Just call me The Girl Who Played with Candle.

This obsession started awhile ago, but went into full fledged craziness when I discovered the incredible sales that Bath & Body Works has on their delicious smelling candles at the end of each season. I found myself stock piling holiday scents, coming home armed with 20 candles for under $50, and it all just spiraled out of control. I literally have an entire shelf in my linen closet devoted to candles; the boyfriend is thrilled.

While I don’t want to get you addicted as well, I do want to share some of my favorite candles on the market right now. Let’s call it a little internet window shopping, if you will.

First up, Diamond Candles. Have you heard of them yet? A friend of mine from high school posted about it over the holidays, and we’ve become obsessed. It’s a candle with a ring inside of it, valued anywhere from $10 – $5000 and the idea is so clever we can’t help but love it. We got one for Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to get another one soon. ::Hint hint::

Next up, Precious Gem Candles. It’s the same concept as Diamond Candles, except instead of a ring, you get a semi-precious stone (or precious, if you’re lucky!) in the candle, leaving the option to set it in anything you’d like. Another super fun grab bag type deal. We haven’t purchased one yet, but it’s on our list.

Finally, Voluspa candles are luxurious and wonderful. We love the packaging, their scents are really lovely, and they make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

What candles do you love? Seriously. I need to know.

-Sasha Huff

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