Camp No Counselors: Where Your Inner Kid Goes Wild

2013 Camp No Counselors

WHILE we have a lot to look forward to during the summer months when we’re adults (day clubs, anyone?), part of the whimsical feeling that summer weather evokes can be attributed to our summer memories as kids. For most of us, that time of year included a little more freedom, a little more adventure, and occasionally a lot more of both at sleep-away camp away from the all-watching eyes of the ‘rents. Thanks to a program called Camp No Counselors you can make all your summer camp dreams come to life again, minus the counselors. And plus a WHOLE LOTTA booze… if you can get an invite, that is.

Chosen campers will throw down $475 for travel, lodging, food, and drinks at one of the camp locations in New York, Vermont, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. It’s a lot like traditional summer camp in the sense that campers will be staying in cabins with strangers, eating burgers at designated mealtimes, and engaging in classic camp activities like arts and crafts, swimming, archery, hikes, teams sports like basketball, water-skiing, and of course, the time-honored summer-camp staple of  a friendly round of capture the flag.

As if all this isn’t enough itself, right? But that’s not all! There’s the awesome adult twist. Since you have to be 21 or older to attend (liability issues, methinks), there is an open bar running all weekend. That means you might find yourself drinking a Bloody Mary with your scrambled eggs instead of milk or OJ, a margarita with your tacos, Rosé by the lake, and whiskey around the campfire. Or whatever version of that you might prefer — the bar is your oyster.

Come late-night, campers can boogie down at themed parties under the stars with world-class DJs. Reportedly, there’s a strict dress code enforced, so packing appropriately is crucial — although the parties are held outdoors, not like they can keep you from attending anyways, right? To add a bit of naughtiness to the all the nice so far is the fact that bunks are co-ed, so counselors won’t be checking in to make sure that campers obey any “lights out” policies, because there won’t be any. Campers won’t have to worry about any kids showing up, either; the camps are exclusively rented out the entire weekend and staffed with minimal personnel — just enough to get participants fed and boozed, and to run the more complicated activities like speed-boating. Campers are essentially left to arrange their own weekends, and have a host of options open to them, from playing the nature daredevil to having a romantic tryst with a new crush in the next dorm over.

The weekend culminates with a “color war,” where bunk teams compete in a variety of categories to prove who really dominated the weekend. We can almost smell the prank plans forming, and there should be plenty of time for mischief and mayhem, as phone use is discouraged and there’s no WiFi around, anyway. It is nature, after all.

Are you itching to sign up for the camp getaway of your dreams? Well, hold your canoes, because it’s not that simple. You have to apply to go to Camp No Counselors, which means you also have to be selected. So how does one find themselves amongst the 100 chosen few at each weekend retreat? There’s an application process that includes writing an essay about your most recent birthday celebration. Submissions are reviewed and hand-selected to create the most fun and interesting mix of people possible at each weekend.

According to Camp No Counselor’s website: “You will find a mix of fashion and food bloggers, actors, start-up founders, media execs, music moguls, financiers and more,” because their goal is to “…select a dynamic mix of fun, talented, inspiring and creative people to create magical memories.” Booze, nature and the chance to rub shoulders with music moguls and media execs?

Application submitted.

Image Credit: Camp No Counselors

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